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How to Actually Live Longer, Vol.1 Get Your Free Sample of the New Game-Changing Longevity Series

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What do you actually need to do to achieve your longevity goals? 

If your answer includes regular fasting, avoiding meat or carbohydrates, calorie restriction, eating like people in the Blue Zones, or subjecting yourself to ice-baths or whatever other folly permeates the zeitgeist this week, you’ve been misled

In fact, many “longevity” practices promoted in the mainstream today have the exact opposite effects to what they claim to achieve—they make us weaker, more prone to disease, and age us faster.

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    It is time for you to learn the right way to a longer, healthier life. In this first volume of the series, Christian Yordanov introduces you to the “Primary Drivers of Ageing and Dysfunction” and shows you how to begin addressing them promptly and comprehensively.

    Weaving together aspects of nutrition and physiology, gut and metabolic optimisation, stress reduction, and intelligent supplementation, Christian shows you what to do—and just as importantly, what to avoid doing—to create the ripe environment in your body for optimal long-term physical and mental health.

    In this information-packed volume, you will learn:

    • Why low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets are bad for longevity and what to do instead
    • The reasons intermittent fasting and water fasting are not conducive to longevity
    • Powerful ways to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in your body
    • Effective strategies to lower psychological and physiological stress
    • How to give your gut a “spring cleaning” that will help your body function at its best
    • How to avoid becoming insulin resistant
    • And much more
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